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    Cherub-Wings-Aviary in Exeter Sweet and Hand Tame, Lovely and Friendly Baby Budgies I have - Yellow-Head Aqua Blue poss Girl? White-Head Grey Girl Yellow-Head Aqua Blue Boy Bright Green Boy Vanilla-Wing Sky Blue Boy Yellow-Head Grey Boy READY ABOUT 7th May...

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    Six tame budgies for sale they all come in pairs (male and female). Each pair is for twenty five.

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    hi i have for sale many budgies. for more details please contact me. thank you

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    Pure lateno budgies breeding pair £45

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    all colours hand reared baby budgies very tame and great little pets . 35.00 each contact chris on all my budgies start out life with the very best supplements and love and care .this is why they are so friendly . I am a knowledgeable breeder and only breed to fund my budgie...

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    I have for sale semi hand tame baby budgies. They were hand tame as per the picture but they have not been handled for 2/3 weeks now so are a bit lively. Are only 8 weeks old so can be tamed back with some patience. they should be £25 for hand tame but selling them for...