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    Budgies for sale in Weymouth cock birds £10 hens £15

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    hi I have got two beautiful tamed budgie's one is 9 week old and 2 month old both male's handle daily used to human we'll make great pets friendly great characters getting tags for more information comes around cage and food

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    Collection only

    Bird C/w stand, in excellent condition: 30"/750 High x 18"/450 Square. Stand is approximately 28"/700 High. 3 Perches, 2 Feed/Water troughs & Slide-Out sand tray. To be collected but I am willing to deliver within seven miles of Matfield TN12 for £5.

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    Hi I have 2 lovely budgies up for sale with or without cage but must go together as they have become good pals! Male/female I think I don't know much about budgies and I have not got the time for them! Not hand tame but are still young enough to learn thanks

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    Budgies Baby budgies Good breading pairs also Kakarikis, cockatiels and lovebirds. Nest boxes etc etc

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    These blue pied baby budgies are appr. 2-3 months old, and semi hand tame. They have been looked after very well, handled with love, being fed with best quality seeds and soft food. They are very cute,healthy,playful , have been bred indoor , raised by parents...