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  • Newport
    Pets / Birds / Cockatiels


    Ready to take home now and also to reserve, adorable hand reared baby cockateils, all different colours/mutations. Price from above for a short period only as lots of babies available. Reserves also being taken now. Full cage and accessories packages available,

  • 3
    Tower Hamlets


    Baby cockateil for sale in have 5 in total all bread in home environment. Used to other pets.18 weeks old ideal age to start to tame. £30 each

  • 0


    6 cockatiels for sale 5x 3 year olds 1x 4 year old white or yellow

  • 3


    Nice cock Red Rump 15 months £20 Hen pied Cockatiel £25 Fischer Lovebirds babies £25 each

  • 2


    I have pair of Cocketail for sale. Active and healthy. Pair is for £80 Single £45 Call or txt for more details

  • 6


    baby cocktails for sale lovely colours part tame