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    Jenday conure parrot for sale named lilly . She is really tame comes out of the cage and has started to say a few words . She comes with her cage and toys . Thanks

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    DNA sexed male Yellow Thighed Caique. Breeding bird only. Not pet! 3 years.

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    10 weeks old beautiful birds

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    Proven Breeding Pair of Alexandrian Parrots Lovely pair and example of Alexandrian Parrots. Hen is Semi Tame and will Take food from you. In great health and feather. Only £350 for the Pair. Collection from Bitterne in Southampton No Timewasters Please...

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    HIGH & STRONG QUALITY Baby Celestial Parrotlets For Sale. Aged from 2 Months to 3 Months Old. Males & Females. £50 EACH. Easy To Tame. The Variety of Colours Are : -Green Celestial Parrotlets [£50 EACH]...

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    Hi for sale i have my little boy (i think)Indian ringneck his current name is fred he loves flying round house and as you can see from pictures loves sitting on ur head and shoulders, unfortunately iv not yet got him used to hands so we cover our hands in a blanket to catch him but...