11 Spiders & Insects For Sale near Havering

    Regional freeads (within 50 miles of Havering)

  • Honey bee nucleus NATIONAL & deep 14X12,LAngstroth,British black Bees Apis Melifera Melifera,Buckfast


    West Byfleet - 35 miles

    Ready for spring 2018 colony of honey bees with queen on NATIONAL frames 5 frames including stores. Also available on 6 frames or a complete hive 12 frames colony. Best for someone with some basic experience as this colony will grow quite quickly Other nucs available...

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  • Reptile Re Homing service

    Hitchin - 36 miles

    Reptile Re Homing service We Re Home and care for unwanted reptiles free of charge.

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  • Salmon Pink Birdeater and Full Set Up


    Maidstone - 27 miles

    Beautiful salmon pink birdeater available! Eats and molt's like a dream, comes with full set up. It's roughly a year and a half old and sexed as male by previous molt, however this is not 100% guaranteed. Any more info please message or call, thanks

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  • Giant African land snail - large adult marginata ovum snail


    Slough - 36 miles

    For sale I have a number of giant African land snails including the adult marginata ovum you see in the picture. They are huge over 12 cm in shell alone. They like it warm and damp at 26-28 degrees. Can be posted anywhere for £6. Contact me for more info.

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  • Invertebrates rescue

    Bexley - 7 miles

    If you're getting rid of any invertebrates I'm happy to take them on. I have a lot of experience with many different types of invertebrates. Thank you

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    National freeads (50 miles or above)

  • Warre Bee Hive (New)


    Ottery St. Mary - 162 miles

    Warre bee hive brand new, with entrance block, Varroa mesh floor, four brood boxes, with viewing windows. Also a top feeder box, enabling feed top up, without disturbing the bees, and a Quilt box. All four brood boxes, come complete with top bars, and wax strips,.

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  • Indian Stick Insects


    Bournemouth - 106 miles

    Indian Stick Insects for sale, very easy and cheap (pretty much free!) to maintain, making an ideal pet for youngsters, these have been bred by my 5 and a half year old daughter! They feed on a weekly supply of fresh Ivy, Oak and / or Bramble leaves which can be gathered...

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  • Brachypelma smithi (Red Knee) (Female) With Complete Set-up For Sale £50.


    Stockport - 156 miles

    Brachypelma smithi (Red Knee) (Female) With Complete Set-up For Sale £50. I have had her for 5 years but she is more like 7 - 8 years old, She was bought from a friend who breeds them in Hamm, Germany so that's how i know she's definitely a female and not male. I am...

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  • Macleay Stick Insects (Giant Prickly Stick insect)


    Morecambe - 214 miles

    Mixed sex nymphs pictures below of nymphs and fully grown adults. Easy to care even for novices care sheet can be provided if needed, just need a vented tank with fresh bramble, oak or eucalyptus. Asking for £3-4 donation for up to 2-3 nymphs all donations will go...

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  • Tarantula vivarium


    Boston - 94 miles

    All is included as one sale the larger tank has a crack nothing to major is still water proof . X2 exoterra vivs X2 tong X2 sling tank X2 water dish X1 hide X1 juvenile plastic Lots of artificial plants, heat mat fully working, half coco fibre and orchid bark.

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  • Awaiting Image

    Burnham On Sea - 139 miles

    6 giant African land snails, various colours, 3 large, 3 medium size. Comes with large plastic tank, they all live happily together, rehoming due to house move. Easy care pets, free to good home.

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