2 Stick Insects For Sale near Manchester

    Regional freeads (within 50 miles of Manchester)

  • Macleay Stick Insects (Giant Prickly Stick insect)


    Morecambe - 46 miles

    Mixed sex nymphs pictures below of nymphs and fully grown adults. Easy to care even for novices care sheet can be provided if needed, just need a vented tank with fresh bramble, oak or eucalyptus. Asking for £3-4 donation for up to 2-3 nymphs all donations will go...

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    National freeads (50 miles or above)

  • Indian Stick Insects


    Bournemouth - 191 miles

    Indian Stick Insects for sale, very easy and cheap (pretty much free!) to maintain, making an ideal pet for youngsters, these have been bred by my 5 and a half year old daughter! They feed on a weekly supply of fresh Ivy, Oak and / or Bramble leaves which can be gathered...

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