3 Scuba Diving For Sale near Torfaen

    National freeads (50 miles or above)

  • DUI CNSE Compressed Neoprene Dry Suit


    Bournemouth - 85 miles

    I am selling my sons DUI CN SE 1.5mm compressed neoprene Dry Suit as he has now left home and no longer has time to dive with his Dad plus he has out grown it! The DUI drysuits were the first compressed neoprene suits and have stood the test of time. If you are a diver...

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  • Nautilus Lifeline Divers VHF Emergency VHF Radio


    Bournemouth - 85 miles

    Nautilus Lifeline Divers Emergency VHF radio. An essential piece of diving equipment if you are doing sea dives. If you get parted from the boat you can use this fully waterproof emergency VHF radios to summon help either from the boat, Coastguard or via DSC which...

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  • Skeleton Divers Knife -Stainless Steel


    Norwich - 208 miles

    Skeleton Divers Knife -Stainless Steel. With Cardura Sheath. Approx 3" cutting surface

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