5 Crested geckos For Sale near Torfaen

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  • crested gecko &exo terra  red with dal spots!


    Wells - 35 miles

    A beautiful male crested gecko he's red with red and black Dalmatian spots! Stunning boy, about a year old eats shedds and poos fine currently feeding on Pangea , crickets and locusts Gecko with exo terra tank , lots fake plants etc. Can sell gecko separate 45 if dont need...

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  • crested gecko lovely RED black &red Dalmatian spots


    Wells - 35 miles

    A lovely crested gecko male approx a year old hes RED with red and black Dalmatian spotting! Last weigh 33g will re weigh..Eats pangea and crickets and shedds fine, he doesnt mind being handled , viewing welcome , new owner Wouldnt be disappointed fires up so beautiful!...

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  • Crested Gecko
    Bold Ad


    Bargoed - 8 miles

    Young crested gecko with full set up.

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      National freeads (50 miles or above)

    • Gecko and aquarium


      Leeds - 158 miles

      Crested baby gecko and aquarium cost well over £200 in June wanting £80

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      Crawley - 129 miles

      Reticulated gargoyle gecko (Sex unknown) 4 months old Feeding on Repashy shedding / pooping fine. £70

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