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Dome pavilions in Westminster



Dome pavilions -- we implement your ideas
Quickly erectable frame pavilions are convenient multifunctional constructions widely used for mass events of all kinds. Spherical frame structures made by Dome4Home have become the new word in modern architectural engineering.

What are dome pavilions?
Dome pavilions are based on the reinforced frame made of wood or metal that looks like a net with the triangular mesh. When assembled, it resembles a sphere-like construction. For the sake of safety and reliability, special connectors or bolted joints are used. On the outside, the frame is covered with PVC linen to protect pavilion from environmental factors.

Having quite a large internal area and height, a dome pavilion doesn't have the bearing pads as all the load is uniformly distributed throughout the frame. It lets you place any large-sized constructions or installations inside the pavilion.

You can use this kind of dome structures as:

Trade and exhibition pavilions;
Garden tents, arbors, and greenhouses;
Wedding tents;
Cinemas and planetariums;
Administrative buildings at festivals.
Below, you can see how the dome pavilions look like and how they can be used. Such popularity of the dome frame structures is easily explained by a combination of high performance characteristics, usability, and affordable cost.
Advantages of dome pavilions:
Large useful area due to the absence of bearing pads. All space under the dome can be used;
High strength and reliability. Spherical polygonal construction and special connectors allow an even load distribution;
Convenience and ease of installation. A trade pavilion based on a metal or wooden frame can be assembled within a few hours without special tools and equipment;
Ergonomics. Spherical construction has a minimal surface area with the maximum useful capacity. Thus, the dome pavilion is a perfect solution for a trade fair or exhibition;
Affordable prices for standard designs and customized projects;
External surface can be used for branding and advertising information.
Production of dome pavilions
Dome4Home focuses on designing, manufacturing, and sale of the dome constructions. Here you can order and buy standard designs with a sphere diameter from 6 to 30 meters. Thus you can build a trading point within the shortest possible period time and at the minimum expense or erect a distinctive trade and exhibition pavilion in a festival, fair or the other mass event.

Besides, we can create a custom design according to individual dimensions and for specific tasks and draw down your branding on the tent. Our specialists will create a project of any complexity, taking into account your personal preferences and financial expectations.

Our branches are located in Dnipro and Kiev. Dome pavilions can be delivered to other Ukrainian cities or abroad in any convenient way. To rent a pavilion, buy a standard construction or order a custom design, just call us or fill in the application form and we will contact you soon.
Depending on product availability and destination, you could receive your dome in as little as 2 weeks.

Your dome will arrive in two bundles, either separately or together.

1. The cover will arrive in a protective bag
2. The frame will arrive sorted by strut length in bundles or palette. Shipment includes necessary hardware (nuts, washers and bolts).

6Meter Durchmesser - 1 800¬
8Meter Durchmesser - 4 500¬
9Meter Durchmesser - 4 900¬
10Meter Durchmesser - 5 700¬
12Meter Durchmesser - 8 400¬
14Meter Durchmesser - 9 200¬
16Meter Durchmesser - 14 800¬
20Meter Durchmesser - 25 200¬

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