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iPHONE & iPAD REPAIR KIT: gTool iCorner B-Series Premium All in One And Sidewall Repair Kit - Model GB1100 in Winchester



The high quality and robust design of the iCorner makes very quick work of straightening the frame on iPad Air and iPad Mini, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPod Touch 4

Enabling you to fit a new screen perfectly and professionally.

The Gtool iCorner B Series set is the answer to the prayers of anyone who has attempted to pop out the display on an iPhone or iPad, only to end up with the corners of the frame becoming warped or disjointed in some way. In the past you would have to hammer these back into shape and hope for the best, but the tools available here mean that guesswork is no longer required.

The simple corner clamp assembly and the range of highly compatible head attachments make reshaping the frame as easy as pie. And when you have a lot of different jobs to tackle and not much time to do them in, this can really increase your productivity.

Tool Time
In addition to the main Gtool iCorner clamp, the set contains an assistance tool and a total of six different heads targeting both the corners and side walls of frames for Apple's most popular recent gadget releases.

On the iPad front you get heads that work with the 2, 3 and 4 as well as the newer iPad Air and iPad Mini variants.

When it comes to the iPhone, the 5 and 5S are both accounted for by their own corner and side wall heads. There is even a corner tool for the fourth generation of the iPod Touch, which is based on the iPhone family but subtly different in terms of its physical dimensions.

Straight to the Point
The entire kit is packaged together in a case that keeps all of the heads and the corner clamp in their own positions, which means you can ensure that everything is organised while it is being stored, giving you quick access to the right tools when the time comes.

The build quality of this kit is excellent, and if you are going to be using it to carry out professional repairs on iPhones, iPads and iPods, then it will pay for itself in no time and ensure that customers are truly satisfied with the results.

Rather than having to make do with an Apple screen repair that brings the device back to life but leaves it looking a little worse for wear, this kit proves that you can make the corners curve perfectly and the straight edges shine without having to replace the whole device in one go.

The gTool iCorner B-Series Package Contains:

1 X Main Gtool iCorner Clamp
1 X Assistance Tool
1 X Head for iPad Air/Mini Corner Tool
1 X Head for iPad 2/3/4 Corner Tool
1 X Head for iPad 2/3/4 Sidewall Tool
1 X Head for iPhone 5 / 5s Corner Tool
1 X Head for iPhone 5 / 5s Sidewall Tool
1 X Head for iPod Touch 4 Corner Tool

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