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Intel i7 4790k 4.4ghz cpu + Asus z97 pro gamer motherboard, top range kit in Cardigan



£260 ono. Top of the range elite cpu & motherboard bundle.
Almost new, in excellent condition as I only bought these 5 months ago (for £450). Both still under manufacturer warranty for another 2 years!

Selling only because I was given a latest generation cpu for xmas, otherwise I'd keep these as I only just built my PC last autumn and this cpu rocks! Can reach 5ghz with the appropriate cooling (I believe this is a Gold chip (in silicon lottery terms).

Both items are in perfect working order and are professional level components that allow enthusiasts to increase their performance by 10% to 20% above standard spec. I'm an I.T professional and can give free advice if you need it on getting the most out of these components.

The CPU does NOT come with a cooler as I threw away it's original and got a Noctua air cooler (which I recommend you buy for utilizing for example 4.8ghz 24/7 operation).

The motherboard works great with my G.skill 2133mhz ram with ultra low CL wait states. However you can put in upto 3200mhz ram in this motherboard for world class performance.

I have benchmarked this cpu/mboard combo and can confirm (with evidence) that it achieves performance scores 108% faster than the fastest of the other cpu's in this range (often beating 6 core cpu's) and it's single core performance will easily rival the intel 6xxxk and Ryzen 1800x and 1900. Most apps don't utilize more than two cores, so in real world apps this cpu at even 4.8ghz will easily outperform processors of the latest generation that are twice the price (including the 6950x). Check the benchmarks if you don't believe me.

If you bring a cooler with you, I can demonstrate the items working perfectly. Otherwise test them at home and I'll accept returns in the very unlikely event the item proves faulty (within 1 week).

I guarantee this CPU will effortlessly play ANY current computer game at proper frame rates and will usually be overkill for most games (this is assuming you use it with an appropriately good graphics card) and you should have no trouble with 4k games on this cpu.

This motherboard will accept ANY Pci-e graphics card, including the very latest and will also allow you to put in dual or even triple SLI or crossfire graphics cards.

Note: this 4790k cpu is the *fastest* cpu that can possibly be put on this motherboard, so there is no other upgrade to this board needed or possible.

Note2: I'm also selling G.skill sniper 2133mhz CL9 memory chips for a bit extra. They are perfect for overclocking and will make your system beat almost every other Z97 system in memory tests easily.

If you bring your case, ram and hard disk with you, I'll even fit these components for you and check it runs nicely. This is a deal and a half, as this cpu goes minimum for 225 on ebay 2nd hand and the motherboard for 80 2nd hand (+postage). And you'd pay a shop another 50 to fit the parts for you. I'll do it for free. (I've worked as an IT pro for 15 years).

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