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Trafalgar paddock cleaners are designed for poo picking horse manure from the fields and paddocks. Parasites and horse health is ever more important therefore good paddock maintenance is essential and veterinary surgeons are encouraging horse owners to poo pick the fields to maintain a low worm count. These equestrian paddock vacuum cleaners are available as manual, towable and self-propelled models and are rugged, yet lightweight in design and easy to start and simple to use. The unique clean fan vacuum system means there is less chance of horse poo blocking up unlike other dirty fan paddock cleaners. They are powered by Honda four-stroke (unleaded petrol) engines for reliability, low maintenance and fuel efficiency. They are also very easy to clean. Whether the horse poo is old or new, in short or long grass, wet, dry or even scattered the Trafalgar Paddock Cleaners will vacuum it up all year round.

Paddock and stable clearing just couldn't be quicker or easier.

The unique clean fan paddock vacuum system enables you to suck up horse poo, alpaca droppings, dog faeces, poultry and game shed bedding, shotgun cartridges, spent clays, garden waste, wood shavings, sawdust, shredded paper, acorns, conkers, chestnuts and general litter. It can also suck up leaves from a gravel driveway without sucking up the stones, just adjust the engine revs accordingly and can even be used for cleaning out the bottom of water troughs and ponds.

Now with new & Improved Fan System
Easy to use
Easy to empty
2 year warranty
5 year bin warranty
Low engine noise
Sucks up manure from long grass
Non corrosive bin

PC500 PLUS Paddock Cleaner - Featured Model - £1847 plus vat
The Trafalgar PC500 Plus model is the original model, being on a fixed chassis design and 500 litre capacity. It has wide floatation tyres to protect your horse paddocks in wet winter conditions and a swivel ball hitch fitting
The Paddock Cleaner petrol engine creates a vacuum in the large container to offer a powerful suction through the 5 " pick-up hose. The lightweight but rugged construction allows the machine to be easily pulled around the yard or paddock. The Paddock Cleaner can be towed behind most ATV quad bikes, ride-on mowers and compact tractors. The Paddock Cleaner performs well in any conditions, wet or dry.
The Paddock Cleaner Vacuum is powered by a powerful yet quiet Honda 4 stroke petrol engine. This 4 stroke engine can produce more suction power than many larger 4 stroke engines. The clean fan system means no muck passes through the fan. The advantages of this design means there is less chance of blockage, easy cleaning and reduced maintenance and wear.
Technical Data:
Fuel type: Petrol 4 stroke
Hopper Capacity: 500 ltr
Hose Length: 2.5 metres
Hitch Optional: Ball/ Pin
Dimensions: Length -1950 | Width - 900mm | Height 1200mm.

PC1000 Paddock Cleaner - POA
The PC1000 series is the largest of the paddock cleaner range offering a bulk capacity of 1000 litres as a towable version.
Dimensions : Length - 2450mm |Width - 1100mm | Height - 1360mm

PC1000 Swivel Paddock Cleaner -- POA
The PC1000 Swivel model compared to a fixed chassis paddock cleaner reducing the poo picking time by up to 50%. The whole collection tub is mounted on a circular bearing similar to the type used in construction on mini diggers, this design enables you to poo pick in a 7.5M circle before moving the ATV quad bike or other vehicle. This paddock cleaner has become our most popular tow-able model and is ideal for horse owners.
Dimensions : Length - 2450mm | Width - 1100mm | Height - 1360mm.

PC500 Swivel Paddock Cleaner - POA
The unique PC500 Swivel paddock cleaner is set on a 360 rotating turn table giving a 7.5m cleaning circumference area. When compared to a fixed chassis paddock vacuum the poo picking time is typically reduced by up to 66%.
Dimensions: Length - 2350mm - Width - 1000mm - Height - 1350mm.

PC450 Self Propelled Paddock Cleaner mounted on a Muck Truck Power Barrow - POA
FREE Mucking out skip! The PC450 is a self propelled paddock cleaner offering horse owners the flexibility of poo picking without the need of an ATV quad bike, UTV utility vehicle or any type of towing vehicles. The paddock vacuum is mounted onto the four wheel drive muck truck. There are also many other useful muck truck attachments such as the ramp kit for loading the poo directly into a muck trailer, ball hitch attachment for moving horse trailer plus others.
Dimensions: Length - 1500mm | Width - 850mm | Height - 1350mm.

PC360 Paddock Cleaner
The Paddock Cleaner is mounted onto a UTV Utility Vehicle. The paddock vacuum is a self contained unit mounted on its own frame which can then be fitted to a utility vehicle. This type of Paddock Cleaner can be fitted onto the following utility vehicles: Kawasaki Mule, John Deere Gator and Kubota RTV utility vehicles plus others, provided the sides either drop down or can be removed, ensuring the collection tub has room to fit without any obstructions.. The PC360 Paddock Vacuum is in fact the same vacuum unit as the PC500 models and the base frame is then secured to the utility vehicle. The PC360 Paddock Vacuum is also available as a swivel model (as shown in photo).
Dimensions: Length - 142cm | Width - 84cm | Height - 107cm.

PC50 hand pull Paddock Cleaner - POA
This Paddock Cleaner is compact, quick and easy to to use. It is ideal for sucking up animal poo such as alpacas, goats, sheep and other small rare breed animals.
The clever designed trolley and balloon tyres ensure easy operation. It is light and easy to breakdown to 3 parts and fit into most cars making it fully transportable from farm to field.
Easy to empty onto a muck pile or better still fill direct into bags and sell as bagged manure. The PC50 Paddock Cleaner will also * up acorns, leaves, conkers, general litter, cigarette ends, dog and fox poo and much more.

PC500 Swan Neck Hand Pull Paddock Cleaner Poo Vacuum - POA
This model of paddock vacuum cleaner is in fact just a slightly modified version of the PC500. The only difference is the drawbar, which instead of it being straight and fixed to a towing vehicle the swan neck design converts it to a hand pulled poo picker.

PC1000 Honda Wide Axle Swivel Paddock Cleaner - POA
The PC1000 Honda powered wide axle swivel paddock vacuum cleaner is simply a modified standard PC1000 swivel model, it is capable of being used on sloping fields and horse paddocks but gives the operator the full benefits of reduced poo picking time that is gained from the swivel tub design. The paddock cleaners petrol engine creates a vacuum in the large container to offer a powerful suction through the 5" pick-up hose. The lightweight but rugged construction allows the machine to be easily pulled around the yard or paddock. You will also find that the paddock cleaner has many other uses around the estate. For example, collecting leaves, litter and cleaning out water troughs.
Technical Data:
Engine Model: Honda
Fuel type: Petrol 4 stroke
Hopper Capacity: 1000 litres
Hose Length: 3m
Hitch: Optional Ball/ Pin
Swivel: 360 movement
Overall Dimensions: Length 2450mm | Width 1100mm | Height 1360mm
Idle: 0.236 m/s at 465rpm
Full: Revs 0.175 m/s at 1150rpm

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