Paddock Cleaner Vacuum for poo picking your paddocks easily! in Reading


Paddock Cleaner range - prices starting from £1825 INCLUSIVE OF VAT for the PC50 paddock cleaner model.

The unique clean fan paddock vacuum system enables you to suck horse poo, alpaca droppings, dog feces, poultry, and game shed bedding, shotgun cartridges, spent clays, garden waste, wood shavings, sawdust, shredded paper, acorns, conkers, chestnuts, and general litter. It can also suck up leaves from a gravel driveway without sucking up the stones, just adjust the engine revs accordingly, and can even be used for cleaning out the bottom of water troughs and ponds.
Now with new & Improved Fan System
Easy to use and empty
2-year warranty/5 year bin warranty
Low engine noise
Sucks up manure from the long grass
Non-corrosive bin

PC50 hand-pulled Paddock Cleaner - the advertised price!
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