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The Haygain Hay Steamer steams hay and haylage which controls harmful dust mites, reduces or can even remove bacteria and mould spores in the horse's forage to stop the horse cough commonly known in the equestrian world as COPD or RAO (recurrent airway obstruction). Hay steaming with a Haygain will improve your horse's health.

Whether you are a happy hacker or compete your horse at any competition level, be it dressage, show jumping, eventing or you hunt on your horse don`t fall into the trap of cutting corners regarding your horse's health!

Do you currently soak hay nets or use a homemade hay steamer? If so, please be aware you are almost certainly doing more harm than good. The facts are simple, soaking hay will reduce dust but at the same time it bleaches out the nutritional value in the hay effectively meaning you are feeding poor quality forage!

Haygain have their hay steamers independently and scientifically tested to give true FACTS that are conclusive.

Reasons and proven facts why the unique patented Haygain hay steamers work: -

The patented steam manifold ensures the hay is steamed from the middle of the chest outwards.
By pressing the hay onto the spikes of the haygain manifold steam system you get evenly and thoroughly steamed hay and forage.
The double insulated chest on the hay steamer is made of thermally insulated plastic and acts like double glazing to reach and retain the minimum temperature that is required to steam the forage correctly.
The haygain hay steamer unique design has proven results in killing off bacteria, yeast, fungal spores, mould and dust mites producing clean, healthy forage for horses.
Steamed haylage or hay can be fed up to 24 hours giving maximum effect and benefit to your horse.
Haygain hay steamers are proven to reduce symptoms in the common horse cough known as RAO (recurrent airway obstruction) often referred to as COPD.
Haygain steamed hay is good for your horse and light and easy to handle compared to soaked, wet and heavy hay. The hay steamer is easy to set up and simple to use.
The HG-ONE model is light and easy to move, whilst the larger HG600 and HG2000 models are heavier but they are also easy to manoeuvre as they both have wheels fitted for this purpose.
Connecting the boilers flexible pipe to the hay steamer chest is by a simple snap on fitting meaning it is quick and easy for storage purposes when freezing conditions occur or when it is not in use.
Steaming hay compared to soaking uses much less water. If on a water meter this can be a massive saving. The Haygain hay steamer typically uses three to four litres of water per steam cycle compared to sixty to one hundred litres of water when soaking hay.
Haygain steamed hay produces more palatable forage than un-steamed or soaked hay which equates to significant cost savings.
Humans suffering with asthma or other respiratory conditions and allergies benefit from handling steamed hay as they are not breathing in dust mites, fungal spores and handling mouldy hay.
Haygain Hay Steamers are the innovators of hay steaming and are designed and manufactured in the UK and come with a 1-year guarantee.
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