Strada Saddle , St Christopher in Bampton


Excellent condition
Cost 1800 new, used on my PBA.
Other tack available
Owner downsizing


Strada GP saddle

There are six different Strada GP saddle tree types:

W - Small TB's, Light endurance Arab x TB'S

S - Warmbloods, Large TB's, and some Iberians.

I - Iberians, Arabs and muscular Warmbloods, Cobs.

IC - Muscular shouldered Iberian and warmblood dressage horses

C - Draughts, Arabs, and some Iberians

L - For horses wide across the shoulder


The tree is handmade on a jig and is therefore always symmetrical. It has no metal components. It consists of laminated plywood, leather, carbon fibre and kevlar. Its rails are flexible and move with the horse's back. They are parallel to the horse's spine along their entire length, ensuring optimal distribution of the rider's weight. The points play no part in weight carrying, they simply provide lateral stability.


The panels consist of a dense visco-elastic shock-absorbent foam, which reacts to heat and pressure. Firm when cold, they are quickly softened by the horse's body heat plus the rider's weight and reach a consistency best compared to raw steak. They mould completely to the horse's back, follow every movement and are extremely comfortable for both horse and rider. The multi-stretch membrane used to encase the foam is particularly suitable for conducting body heat into the foam and allowing the shape changes of the panels. Having adapted to the horse while in use, the panels always return to their original shape. They require no maintenance of any kind.

Note - These Strada saddles are the EU models which have different panels to the original UK saddles. Most of the material is the same. The difference is that in the EU model there is a thin outer layer of a slightly softer memory foam. This gives the panels a softer "feeling" that you will love. The original UK panels feel harder, but this will not affect the feel for the horse as once the panels are at body temperature, they are soft throughout. Inside the EU model has 24 mm of same memory foam as in the UK saddle, plus the 5 mm softer lining, whereas the original UK models panels were 24mm, 30mm or 36mm.
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