Private hack / confidence booster session from ideal horse and owner sought in Waddington


"Asking the impossible and embarrassing so here goes!!
I have not ridden or sat on a horse for over 25yrs and for several of those have desperately been hoping to pluck up enough courage and get back in the saddle that first time which I hope will feel familiar and get me bitten by the bug again.
Unfortunately I have no confidence and cannot bring myself to have riding lessons or take the first step in front of an audience. The only time I reached out and was brave enough to enquire about riding, the yard owner destroyed my confidence so much that this is the first time since I have been able to face another attempt.
Mature lady late 40's and on the larger side but losing weight steadily and getting nearer a more sensible target.
I am 5'10 and size 16-18 so I am still tipping the wrong end of the scales but nearer now than I was ten years ago.
What I am hoping for is a kind, caring, friendly person who is willing to let me pay privately for a very gentle hack with them on a bombproof horse (weight carrier and suitable for novices) and be understanding, non judgemental and help me to take back lost time and rebuild confidence.
Only looking for a gentle walk, trot and if there's plenty of space and I'm feeling braver, a good canter to blow out the dust and cobwebs would be super!
Will pay the full price riding schools charge and arrange riding insurance too if needed.
If anyone can help, has a horse that fits the bill and wants to be an answer to my prayers, please message and I will give you more details and personal info.

Live in Waddington but willing to travel.
Many many thanks in advance x"

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1 week ago
Charlotte Webster
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