ATV Bale Trailer, quad bale trailer for moving round bale of hay, haylage, silage and straw. in Reading


The ATV bale trailer can move large round bales of haylage, hay, silage, or straw with ease using an ATV, compact tractor, or 4x4 vehicle, and it is designed in such a way that anybody can use it to lift and lower bales safely.

The bale trailer, when fitted with standard poles will transport round bales with a maximum weight of 750 kilograms. You can lift a full size wrapped round bale without piercing the plastic cover ensuring the haylage remains in good condition. It can also be supplied with spikes for handling square Heston bales, up to 750 Kg. The bale can easily be tipped over by using the trailer poles in a certain position to push over the bale which can be done by one person.

The ATV single bale trailer is light and easy to attach to a towing vehicle such as a quad bike or utility vehicle, being just 1400mm wide and 2000mm in length meaning it is manoeuvrable and easy to operate.

The price of £1540 is Ex Vat
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