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One in a million pony in Cwmbran



What a pony !! Ready for a new child to love her !!
12'2hh, 12 year old welsh type mare! (Unregistered)

Daisy have been nothing other than a super pony for my daughter
We have taught her the ropes of most pony club, mini jumping and hunting.

This season we hunted Boxing Day with the Gelligaer farmers hunt - we were fortunate to have a well behaved pony who won best turned out ! She stood like a rock at a large meet - welcomed the crowds and embraced the atmosphere

Perfect to catch , trim & lives in or out !!

Daisy attended their local pony club Christmas show !! This included her entering the local handy pony class - washing lines and post boxes included - she once again proved herself as a versatile 'handy' pony !! She was 3rd in a large class of experienced ponies - of course she has done it all before - but not with this nervous novice jock who thinks the world and it's dog is against her
Competing - jumping she can be more of a class pony - proven and skilled 1 she has speed and ability and thrives from the drive to win !! I can't thank her enough for all she has done for us - she will trot the basic / lead rein courses like old school - when asked to step up - Well - she will teach the right child the correct ropes

Has competed games, easy and capable to do anything she's pointed at. Has also attended many of funrides/beach rides/pleasure rides!! This pony is worth her weight in gold, and we certainly owe her everything she has given my daughter!!

I can only say if she was 13'2 she wouldn't be leaving us !!

Her manners are impeccable - at home or a show she will stand - enjoy a good groom - chill in the trailer or simply embrace her environment and all that's asked of her

As a mum - having competed pony club myself previously and a hunt servant all my life I can say this pony honestly has so much to offer !!

Where can you find a bombproof hack -
No napping alone or in company ?
A babysitter for a child who really can ride well but has no self confidence??

They are few and far between - so u TIL we can stretch her ..... very sadly she is for sale

Perfect to handle, by children or adults! There isn't a nasty bone in this ponies body - kick and bite free! Great to bath, clip, catch, etc etc. If you want complete certainty that your child will be safe whilst alone with a pony, there is no need to look no further!

We can deliver and happy to be as flexible as possible regarding bringing your rider and trials but sorry no loans I know she is a rarity !!
I've tried many of years to source this pony !! And now she's been outgrown
Any vetting welcome

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