Free condenser dryer 2 years old in Launceston

Hi there.
This condenser dryer is too good to dump but has an intermittent fault.
It is two years old with a ten year parts guarantee, it can be fully repaired for 100,a monthly fee of 10 pounds or used as it is until it goes completely! I can give proof of purchase if you wanted to do this. most of the time it works fine but will sometimes start doing a funny noise and I stop it, because of this I would not leave the dryer going at night or when out of the property.
If it doesn't go ill take it to the dump but it seems a shame, I was using it no problems right up until my new one arrived. Good make, cost a lot of money. Excellent condition. 9kg drum and energy rating b.
No need for window for vents, had mine in a cupboard. Easy to empty condenser tank and filter.

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