Knife sharpening system machines - HG4S Hollow Grinder HE4 Honer/Edger TWINS SYSTEM in Ealing



I have for sell almost new Cozzini "TWINS" Sharpening System for knife sharpening.

I bought machines in June 2019. The Machines are in Poland because I wanted to start sharp and rent knife business there. I was working in UK in the same sharpening industry but this business on Polish market is not working that well, so I have decided to close it. Machines were used from time to time. I think from the time I bought them till now i was sharpening roughly about 400-500 knives so the stones and diamond are in perfect condition.

Also I have a few spare stones for both machines.

Daily you can sharpen up to 400 knives. Check more informations on Cozzini's website.

I have invoice for this machines. I'm selling them as a polish company. The shipping will be from Poland and its included in price. The postcode in advert - UB6 0JW its my previous address when I was living in UK.

If you will be interested to buy a kitchen knife I have over 2000 knives for sell as well such as cook knife, boning knife, slicer knife, chopper, steak knife etc. For info pls ask.

Any questions pls email me.

Ideal for medium-volume processors and sharpening services, the "Twins"utilizes separate hollow grinding and honing/edging units. Around the globe, the Twins have earned their reputation for safe, economical and low-maintenance operation.
The 4" (102mm) stones on the hollow grinder unit thin both sides of the knife blade simultaneously. The operator checks the knife blade thickness with a built-in gauge to determine if it has been sufficiently thinned for edging. After thinning, the honing/edging stones apply a beveled edge on both sides of the blade simultaneously. The blade bevel angle can be adjusted as needed.
Each unit consists of a cast aluminum body housed under a durable, easy-to-clean, fiberglass cover. The ergonomic design of the Twins provides excellent visibility while sharpening blades. Integrated stone dressing system maintains roundness of the stones for perfect, consistent, sharp edges. Each unit also comes with a cart for easy portability.

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