Fed up with damaging limescale? Say goodbye to hard water naturally. Environmentally friendly no polluting salt, No Maintenance, 30 guarantee in Isle of Wight



Wightsoft water is an eco friendy alternative to salt based water softeners and the way forward for the future.

Brilliant design technology.. based on a patented cataytic technique our fantastic conditioner changes the molecular structure of the hard minerals without taking out the good vital minerals needed daily, so they pass through the water without adhering to surfaces, works hard to rid of existing limescale giving you softer better water

No Salt, no chemicals, no magnets or electricity...a natural solution

30 years proven results world wide

Reduce energy bills

Reduce limescale throughout household

Better water for skin and hair

Easy install, fit, leave and enjoy better water with no maintenance or running costs in for the future

Salt based softeners are being banned already throughout 25 states in the USA because of the saline damage to the water irrigation and crops now under discussion with the European Commission to regulate throughout Europe...its a case when not if.

Our Wightsoft conditioner is made of 316 stainless steel so lasts a lifetime 30 year warranty

Improve your home and lifestyle

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