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Mitutoyo 500-507-10 Absolute Digimatic Caliper 1000mm / 40", new in Bath



Product Features
Hardened stainless steel construction for protection of caliper components
Four-way measurement capability for multiple applications: outside diameter (OD), inside diameter (ID), depth, and step.
Measuring range 0-1000 mm (40")
Resolution 0.01mm.

Product Description
The Mitutoyo ABSOLUTE 500 series caliper is a Digimatic digital caliper that is made of durable hardened stainless steel and uses Mitutoyo's ABSOLUTE linear encoder technology, which allows you to "set and forget" the origin and measure in awkward or difficult locations. This digital caliper has LCD readout and function control buttons on the caliper face, including Origin to set and retain the original measuring point, and Zero/ABS (Absolute Scale) to zero-set the LCD display. It uses the metric measuring system.
Brand new, unused, unwrapped. These are well over £1000, so grab a bargain.

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