30 inch (76cm) diameter capacity trailer mounted portable saw mill in Wantage


Large 30 inch (760mm) diameter capacity saw mill for hire with qualified and insured operator.
Covering Oxford, Reading, Didcot, Abingdon, Bicester, Newbury, Swindon and surrounding areas.
This is a bandsaw based portable machine able to handle logs up to 14ft (4m) long and 30 inches in diameter. Will create live edged boards or timber of whatever size you are looking for. Well maintained machine to maximise throughput and minimise downtime. One cut takes about 1 1/2- 2 mins so it can process wood pretty quickly into whatever size lumber you are looking for.

1 hour mill and operator £120
2 hours mill and operator £170
3 hours mill and operator £220
4 hours (1/2 day) mill and operator £250
8 hours (1 day) mill and operator £300
Fair wear on bandsaw blades is included but if metal, concrete, grit etc is found in the wood, or the wood isn't clean then extra charges will be incurred. Bandsaw blades are charged at £34.00 each.

We also use alaskan style chainsaw mills for logs that are over sized. Same prices as above apply. This method is ideal when you can't get the sawmill to the log (or the log to the sawmill). Logs can be milled in situ and then moved once milled up. A single cut on the chainsaw mill would take about 15-20 mins depending on the timber.

We can also undertake all tree surgery work (crown reduction, thinning, raising and complete removal). Please contact us for a site visit and quotation.

We also hire out an 8 inch capacity wood chipper with operator same charges as above.

Please note that we only hire our machines with an operator in order to make sure they are looked after.

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