Metal LARGE burner barrel drum bin incinerator bonfire fire night pit garden green waste bushes wood in Brixham


For sale, I have * VERY LARGE * garden burners / barrels / drums / bins / incinerators, to burn stuff like cardboard, paperwork, garden waste including branches, bushes, wood, off cuts etc
Save yourself from the hassle and cost in fuel, of making endless trips to the tip and burn the appropriate stuff you're allowed to, in these really big garden burners / incinerators / drums

These are NOT old used toxic car oil drums and they DON'T have a sharpe top either. Unlike a lot of old car oil drum home made burners / incinerators, that do have sharpe cut tops. Its because people converting toxic old oil drums into burners etc, have to grind most of the tops off, due to them being welded on. My Home made burners / incinerator, don't have tops, so no sharpe edges

Measurements of these burners are approximately
96 cms tall
58 cms wide on top (Diameter)
52 cms wide on the bottom (Diameter)

These home made garden burners / incinerators / drums, are not just loads thicker and longer lasting than the thin metal rubbish ones you can buy from the shops. But they're loads cheaper and they've got to be 3-4 times the size of the tiny shop ones

Holes have been made all on the bottom of these burners, to draw air into the fire, that feeds the fire with oxygen and burns what you need to faster and more efficiently

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Oct 2012
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