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Print by ULF GREDER - My Banana Tree in Banbury



Ulf Greder print - My Banana Tree
Born in Stockholm in 1949, Ulf Greder is self-taught as a painter, participating in his first exhibition while still under twenty at Liljevach's celebrated spring salon.

In the perspective of Swedish Art today, Ulf Greder's roots can be traced back to a tradition of figurative painting in his country which caught on in the early 20th century. It came as a vigorous home grown riposte to ideas and approaches bought back from Paris by a generation of young Swedes who had studied there under painters like Matisse. For the painters of the mothers country, everyday life remained the only subject, to be treated in an appropriate (some would say naive manner). For Greder it is France, where changing lifestyles have been threatening the world he cherishes and it has been his chief pursuit to define and defend against all covers what he interprets as the French way of life.

Greder has held numerous exhibitions in Stockholm as well as other Swedish cities. Since the early 1970s, he has been largely resident in Britain, aside from periods spent in New

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