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Set of 9 Framed Artworks Animal Pop Art Portrait Photography Picture Print in Wandsworth



Natural Selection, Natan, 2017

Natural Selection is the name given to the series of photographs on which the photographer Natan has been working for the past year. These works have been influenced by Charles Darwins Theory of Evolution, juxtaposed with the garish colours of Andy Warhol's Pop Art paintings.

Natan uses this as a starting point from which to question the reasons behind evolution, environmental adaptation and mankind's effect on the animals around them. Since time immemorial, species have learned to adapt to their ever-changing environments, in order to better survive within them. Yet we humans have turned this concept on its head and instead of adapting our own behaviours, have come to expect the environment and other species to adapt to us.

Natan's photography project has found a subtle and deep irony in presenting a wide range of animals in man-made, commercial environments, far removed from their natural habitats.

In this way, Natan is reinforcing the message of adaptation; reminding us of our own ties to the animal kingdom and of our capacity to help or hinder the survival of our fellow species in the choices that we, as a species, make. His hope is that audiences will be reminded of the fragility of the world and the need to respect the creatures we share our planet with.

C-Type print. Framed.
Size of each frame: 50 x 50 cm.

This listing is for the whole collection of 9 framed prints. An exhibition of this photography project was successfully held at the JustAddRed Gallery in London in July 2017.

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