Airnergy Professional Plus Activated Oxygen Therapy Machine + Accessories RRP £4760 in Haringey



Airnergy Professional Plus Activated Oxygen Therapy Machine

Top-of-the-range device for meeting the highest professional demands and delivering maximum performance. The Airnergy Professional Plus has the maximum of four activation units.

This device is the most suitable unit for use with serious chronic illnesses such as macular degeneration, lung illnesses, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes and Parkinsons.

It is recommended for use in older people who wish to accelerate the cellular repair process and maximise the device's anti-ageing benefits.

Finally for improving sports performance, or relief from stress.

Many COPD and ME/CFS/FM sufferers have had excellent results with the machine especially this more powerful machine with 4 activation units.

WHAT ARE THE ACTIVATION UNITS (that generate the intensity)?

The difference in each Airnergy device is in the number of activation units contained within each machine. The Wellness Basis Plus device has two activation units, the Professional three and the Professional Plus has four activation units.

The activation units inside the device are part of the energy generation process. Each activation unit contains a wavelength of red light and a catalyst. When air is pulled into the Airnergy device via a filter, the oxygen molecules are changed in the activation chambers from their normal triplet state to singlet oxygen. Singlet oxygen lives for less than a nanosecond, goes back to its ground state and as it does so releases energy. The more activation units in the Airnergy device, the more energy is therefore produced.

This is especially important for those who are chronically ill and of the older generation. It is not just the time spent on the device which is important; it is the intensity of therapy which is more important. That's why we advise people to take an Airnergy device with as many activation units as they can afford. Some ask "Why not more activation units for even greater intensity?" But 15 years of evidence, studies, experience and knowledge tells us that the optimum number for the human body is a maximum of four. No additional benefit can be gained by having more than this.

Package includes:

1 x Airnergy Professional Plus device
1 x mains adaptor
25 x nasal cannulas
1 x cannula carrying bag
1 x glass bottle & element
8 x air filters
1 x instruction manual and other information

Technical data:
4 Airnergy activation units
LCD display
Micro-controlled electronics
Individual programming of application time
3 intensity levels
Automatic self-testing
Optional acoustic signal
Service after 2,000 hours of operation
Power requirement: 12 V DC
Power supply: 100-240 V AC / 50-60 Hz
Power consumption: Imax 1,600 mA
Air throughput: ca. 4 litres per min.
Dimensions: 350 x 130 (WxH) x 350 (D)
Weight: 4.4 kg (10 lb 8 oz)

This machine was bought for my father about a year ago but it is no longer needed. It is a 2012 model with about 1000 hours use.

Comes in original box with a new bottle and lots of extra cannula's and filters worth well over £200 alone.

This used Airnergy Professional Plus is in excellent condition and, if used for 1 hour a day (most people don't need to use it that much!), will last more than a couple of years before needing a service! Recommended use at least 20 mins per day.

The filters need to be changed every 50 hours.

Collection in person preferred but can be posted at a cost of £35.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. :)

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