1995 SUZUKI DT140 2 stroke oil injection outboard motor (new block 2016) plus many extra parts in Redcar



One 1995 Suzuki DT140 2 stroke outboard. It can be converted to DT115 as I have a set of 115 carbs and spare engine cover. 20 litres of 2 stroke oil with engine, additional new anodes,various spare bolts/screws etc. gearboxes drained (oil was good), repainted and refilled 22/4.
Originally purchased in 2004 as half of a matching pair of 1995 ex Fire Service motors. I refitted motor with complete new engine block in 2016 (many photos to show this and receipts). I have only ran this motor for 1 hour and been stored after running on concentrated fuel mix. Oil injection is good and I have checked flow rates by gauge. Power trim/tilt good from control box or lower case. Gearbox was purchased new in 2016 and only used last year for 20 hours or so on my other engine. Cover soundproofing relined. Engine cover has top release lock and top lifting handle. Fitted with Alloy 13x19 prop.Will take 13 x 21. These are heavy and powerful motors ! Weighs around 175 kgs. I have video of this engine running (22/4) in water tub, idling very nicely at low revs.

NA12S control box plus 6 metre elec cable plus 4 metre extension, tacho/monitor and trim gauge, 9 metre throttle/gear cables. Control box (2 keys, no19) smooth, stripped and greased 15 April, choke operated by separate external switch (key function was poor, I find separate button better too. Can supply sprung toggle or small push button.

I can travel, deliver and fit motor with my engine hoist, anywhere in UK at agreed cost and date. I rebuilt and sold 4 ex MOD DT140'S motors in 2016 and fully fitted 3 of these.
I will reply to any serious enquiry with more details and photos about any aspect of sale. This motor is very good... not the average old motor that has developed a hidden fault or been lying around for years.

Delivery by pallet will obviously not be cheap and gearbox will need to be removed as a complete motor overhangs a standard pallet, and all oil/fuel drained from engine.
Will sell at £2200 without control box,gauges,cable.

Assorted other parts included in price:
New gaskets(photos) - Power head, power head cover, exhaust cover, engine block base,power head cover plates,exhaust cover plate used, DT115 carb manifold set,used,reed valves used, ignition parts, ignition coils, trigger coils,,charging coil,cdi unit, used,Throttle sensor,starter motor, used,starter motor bracket,used,complete flywheel and lower casing body ,all coils etc plus plastic cover,starter solenoids, choke solenoid, trim motor solenoids, new and used
fuel pump,used, oil injection pump (4 delivery pipes) and sensor, used
voltage regulator,temperature warning sender,new,gearbox shaft housing and bearing, new ,trim tab, anode block plate material
lower case trim switch,used ,pre 90' style monitor gauge
DT115 engine cover hood, used but with new lining
Suzuki Grey paint, suitable dark (military) green primer, clear gloss lacquer
various items plus bolts,clips and screws to suit these motors.

If buyer does not need control box and associated wiring/gauges, then asking price is £2200
Price will also be reduced if various spare parts are not required.

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