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An exquisite antique Ernst Heubach doll circa 1890. in Bristol



An exquisite small antique doll by Ernst Heubach. Ernst Heubach's company in Kppelsdorf, Thuringen manufactured unglazed porcelain headed (bisque) dolls heads on kid, cloth stuffed or composition bodies from 1885.

This baby doll has beautiful blue stationary eyes with finely painted upper and lower lashes. She has an open full mouth with four teeth and delicately blushed cheeks. She has her original blond hair wig. The wig is nice and clean and intact.The doll is 15 inches tall but her clothing gives her an overall lengh of 24 inches.
She has a bisque head and shoulders, bisque hands and bisque legs and feet from the knee down. Her torso, arms and legs down to the knee are stuffed cloth.
Her creamy bisque is smooth with no scuffs or scratches. The marks on the back of the doll are clear. "Made in Germany" impressed over the Ernst Heubach mark of a horseshoe. Other marks are dp/1 and D/0 but we have not been able to establish what these marks signify.
This doll has four layers of dress. The first is a very detailed knitted pink vest.
The next layer is a full lengh undergarment of linen.
The linen undergarment is 3 inches shorter than the dress and has a plain hem.
The third layer is a cotton underskirt which is secured by a bow at the back of the neck.
The underskirt is 3 inches shorter than the dress and has an ornate hem. The ornate hem is similar in design to the hem on the dress.
The final layer is the dress which buttons at the back of the neck.
The dress has a delicate ornate hem.

All her garments are nice and clean with no stains or tears in the fabric.
She is in beautiful condition with no hairline cracks or chips in her bisque head, shoulders or legs.
Their is slight damage to one finger on the right hand but this does not detract in any way from the overall exceptionally good condition for a doll which is over 125 tears old.
The legs and feet from the knee down are bisque and in exceptionally good order.
A lovely antique doll with all her original antique clothing.
The dressing of the hair and the style of clothing ages this doll to circa 1890.
The price is £330.

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