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Collection of first day covers (stamps) for Rhodesia, Zimbabwe Rhodesia and Zimbabwe in Waltham Forest



Collection of first day covers for Rhodesia, Zimbabwe Rhodesia and Zimbabwe. Please note the image shown are only a few items from the collection which is much larger.

There are also stamps from the following countries: Netherlands, South West Africa (Namibia), Zambia, Malawi, Israel, Mauritius, Vatican, Belgium, Zanzibar, Seychelles, Mexico
I have scanned images of every single stamp in the collection contained in pdf documents. There are 258 pages of images of the Rhodesia/Zimbabwe stamps in the pdf documents. The stamps have been scanned while inside transparent plastic covers so some images might appear a bit hazy.
If you are interested in this collection, there is a link to view the scanned documents below.

If you are interested in a part of this collection only, please let me know.

Please let me know if you have any other queries.


This collection from Zimbabwe (formerly Southern Rhodesia) has been lovingly collected over six decades from 1953 until the first decade of the new Millennium)

Most of the collection is Official First Day Covers of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. There are two sets of each

There are also First Day Covers from Zambia and The Seychelles
Several pages from an album have stamps stuck in and are of many of the countries of the world.

Highlights include stamps from RhodesiaZimbabwes political upheaval when UDI (Unilateral Declaration of Independence) was in motion. The stamps follow the Politics of that time and continue when Rhodesia became Zimbabwe.

Unfortunately, one important omission are the stamps issued on the actual day when Zimbabwe Rhodesia independence was declared.

One interesting set of First Day Covers is of the Birth of Princess Caroline of Monaco. We happened to be in Monaco at the time.

It was often a rush to get to the Post Office to buy these First Day Covers as I was working. My parents assisted in the earlier days of the collection.

The First Day Cover Collection was eventually stopped because there were so many new issues (to give the Post Office Revenue!) and also because as the Zimbabwe Dollar declined in value and our earnings did not increase enough, I was obliged to VERY reluctantly give up purchasing these stamps.

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