Antique 19th Century Replica Of Hellenistic 1st Century BC Greek or Roman Oil Lamp In The Form Of A Head in Hook



Antique 19th Century Replica Of Hellenistic 1st Century BC Greek or Roman Oil Lamp In The Form Of A Head.

Relevant experts at the British Museum have recently considered the object now being offered in this private sale and determined that in their opinion it is a hand made pottery replica / reproduction of a Hellenistic 1st Century BC Greek or Roman oil lamp. (If required, for serious potential buyers I would be happy to provide a copy of the British Museum's written assessment.)

They have advised me that original lamps of the 1st Century BC are usually mould made and since this item is hand made it is unlikely to be ancient - although they have pointed out that it is impossible to be sure.

They also informed me that reproductions of such lamps for tourists have been made since the 18th Century and large numbers were made in the 19th Century. Based on the more recent ownership history of this item they believe it is likely to have been made in the 19th Century. (The lamp has been in my family since the late Victorian / early Edwardian period.)

The British Museum has apparently acquired a large number of reproduction lamps over the years and the relevant department curator has informed me that they have a very similar one in their collection to that which I wish to sell.

This object has been fashioned in the form of a head with a face on the front. It has a handle at one end, in the shape of a ring, a filling hole on the top, and three spouts for wicks.

Overall the lamp is in very good condition, with no damage or repairs. It comes from a pet and smoke free home.

Please study the photographs provided to make your own assessment regarding the condition of this item, and also to gain an appreciation of the object's size when viewed against the adjacent ruler.

This lamp would make a fun and interesting gift. It could provide a useful educational opportunity for children, or be a decorative addition to a cabinet of curiosities, as well as being enjoyed by fans of ancient Greece and Rome whatever their age.

I recommend that this object be used for display purposes only and not as a working oil lamp given that although it is likely to be a replica it is nonetheless an antique of considerable age in its own right having probably been made in the 19th Century.

Given the object is fragile I would prefer the buyer to collect, and pay cash on collection please. However, if essential, I would be willing to post this item to a location within mainland United Kingdom, including Northern Ireland, at the buyer's own risk, for an additional £5.00. In this situation I would make every reasonable effort to ensure the lamp is packed as carefully as possible so as to help ensure its safety. Regret no returns accepted. Thank you.

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