Immaculate Nu Elck Syn Sin Dutch Wall Clock in working condition. in Stockport



The Dutch Zaandam clock is arguably one of the most iconic and symbolic horological creations ever made. It is clearly Dutch, carries clear historical symbolism and is one of the most pervasive reproduction clocks found all over the world.

Clock has the inscription "Nu Elck Syn Sin". (To each his own)
and has a Walnut case. The crown is decorated with an image of Atlas carrying the world.
The movement consists of a ring with Roman numerals.
The mechanism works by means of heavy pear-shaped brass clock weights.
The typical center piece is the brass ornamentations. A crown displays the Mennonite theological virtues of Faith, Charity and Hope. Lions and a coat of arms represent Amsterdam, Alkmaar or Holland. These clocks were designed and made for people in these North Holland metro areas. A Horseman pendulum represents service to the king.

Many think that the top finial is of Jesus carrying the world or of Hercules, but it is of Atlas of Greek Mythology. The Atlas symbolizes Amsterdam as a city of trade. He carries a celestial globe with all the stars, constellations and planets. At the time,Amsterdam considered itself as the most important city in the world. This same Atlas is found on display at the royal palace in Dam square in Amsterdam.

The "Rich Man's Clock" design was produced in the early to mid 1900's. This became the signature style for the Warmink Uhren clock company.

Indeed, the Dutch Zaandam clock is a wonderful clock to centerpiece in any collection, if not for it's asthetic beauty, then for its historical value for conversation.

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