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Great Great Yarmouth Tales in Great Yarmouth



She did not know what woke her, alone in the house she made sure all plugs were pulled and all doors were locked up tight before going to bed, There was someone out their killing women, the latest victim, a mile away from her coastal house. She listened, the noise again, it was her washing machine doing a pre-wash? That was impossible, if her run away husband was still around she could nudge him to 'go see', but he was long gone. There was just her, she would have to go and turn it off.
From the top of the dark stairwell she could see into the kitchen, a slight shadow line moved on the floor... the back door was open! Feeling with her foot, whilst staring at the dark kitchen, she held her breath, as she retreated up the stairs. The stair creaked and she panicked. Rushing towards the bathroom, holding back the bile in her throat and the threat of her bowels exploding, she grabbed her phone. The stair creaked again.......

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