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1st Edition SIGNED TRUE CRIME - The Truth About the Killing of Carl Bridgewater! in Bridgnorth



SPECIAL SALE OFFER - RARE!!! A SIGNED 1st Edition of Scapegoat for Murder; The Truth About the Killing of Carl Bridgewater' written by best-selling and multi-award-winning author, screenwriter and producer Simon W. Golding. FREE DELIVERY!

Scapegoat for Murder; The Truth About the Killing of Carl Bridgewater is a fascinating insight into one of the biggest man hunts since the Moors murders! Crime author Simon W. Golding neither sets out to exonerate or incriminate main suspect in the Carl Bridgewater case - Bert Spencer.

The book was adapted into a major multi-award-winning Channel 4 documentary - Interview with a Murderer. So who was really responsible for the killing of the 13-year-old paperboy? So was convicted murderer, Spencer, responsible for this violent slaughter or was he simply a victim of circumstantial evidence - just a scapegoat for murder?

Author Simon Golding presents a case for both scenarios in this compelling story that explores new evidence never previously revealed. The author's loyalty is seeking out the truth and fights to get the case reopened.

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