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SMK SKL208 Supergrade, .177 and .22 calibre available. in Ingatestone



One of the rifles from SMK's acclaimed Supergrade series, the SKL208 is a seriously high performer that has become a hit with hunters looking for an excellent handling full power break barrel rifle.

The SKL208 is a highly accurate full power break barrel air rifle.Designed from the outset as a hunter the SKL208 does not come with traditional iron sights but it instead is fitted with a deep dovetail rail for the fitting of a scope and an anti creep mount to stop a fitted scope from "creeping" along the rail and therefor losing its zero.

A barrel weight is fitted on the muzzle end of the rifle to control the muzzle flip that occurs during a spring rifle's shot cycle, greatly improving shot to shot accuracy and consistency, the barrel weight also handily doubles up as a cocking aid further improving the SKL208's superb handling. Something that hunters in the bush will definitely appreciate when unnecessary movement might scare away any potential prey.

The SKL208 is also fitted with a superb two stage adjustable trigger that further improves the rifle's already excellent accuracy and consistency.

An automatic safety is also built into the rear of the action which is simply deactivated by pushing in the small safety tab or pulling the tab to re-engage the safety. The safety itself is automatically engaged once the rifle is cocked, making the 208 series of rifles some of the safest on the market.

Setting the rifle apart from the rest of the 208 series of rifles is the SKL208's beautifully finished ambidextrous skeletal stock. Compared to standard stocks a skeletal stock offers the shooter a far larger amount of wrist movement increasing the shooters comfort but on top of this the SKL208's stock is also lighter than both the TH208 and standard XS208 sporter rifle. Meaning that the SKL208 will be easier to hold on target and easier on the arms during a long hunting session.

A ventilated rubber recoil pad is also fitted to the rifle to give the shooter more comfort during longer periods of shooting.

The lighter brother of the 208 Supergrade series, the SKL208 is the perfect companion for the longer hunting nights.

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