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Artemis M11, .177 and .22 calibre available! in Ingatestone



The Artemis M11 is a bolt action multi shot pre charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifle that packs high end features at a low end price.

Unlike most air rifles PCP's have very few moving parts during the shot cycle especially compared to spring powered air rifles or gas rams. Unlike the latter the M11's only rely on compressed air to fire meaning that there is zero recoil during the shot cycle, this translates to incredible accuracy and unlike spring or gas ram rifles it doesn't matter how the rifle is held. Even beginners to the sport with almost zero experience can be laser accurate with the M11.

Unlike most PCP's at this price point the M11 is also fitted with a regulator meaning that every shot is extremely consistent, due to the regulator the shot count is also increased to 80 full power shots per fill. Perfect for the range or longer hunting sessions.

A 13 shot (.177) or 11 shot (.22) self indexing rotary magazine is also included with the rifle allowing for fast follow up shots by simply working the bolt. The magazine and the breech of the rifle also incorporate a magnetic stud which makes the rifle incredibly easy to reload in low light conditions as the mag will practically click itself into place.

The M11 is also fitted with a silencer as standard making the rifle whisper quiet which is excellent for backyard shooting or vermin hunting.

A two stage adjustable trigger is also built into the M11 which gives the rifle an incredibly sweet pull and crisp break, the trigger can also be adjusted to suit the particular preferences of the shooter, further increasing shot to shot consistency.

The M11's stock features a raised cheekpiece for better eye to scope alignment and a checkered grip and grooved forestock for a more comfortable hold on the rifle.

With superb accuracy, high and consistent shot count, excellent trigger and deadly quiet silenced barrel, the M11 is perfectly suited for all types of shooting and in any situation. Why pay more for less?

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