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***BRAND NEW*** £15 OFF - {RRP.£89.99} - Swiss Arms P1911 Match - 4.5mm BB - Co2 ---- FINAL UNIT! ACT FAST! in Hounslow




***£15 OFF RRP*** - {rrp.£89.99}


- Swiss Arms - P1911 Match 4.5mm BB
(Co2 Powered Pistol - Boxed)

The Swiss Arms P1911 Match [Officially Licensed by CyberGun], is one of the most Highly Praised 4.5mm Air Pistols on the market, consistently earning itself outstanding Industry and Consumer reviews and outshining is peers by a margin.

A Best Buy at full price {£89.99+p&p} some websites sell this thing for upwards of £110!....

.....and Yes, It *is* worth that kind of money.....

It's One of my all time favourite Air Pistols and coming from Swiss Arms, you know you're getting a Quality Item.. just inserting the Magazine instantly reassures you of Build Quality

- at just £75, and with no RFD (saving a further £20-30) this is an absolute steal!

The Body of the P1911 is a
One Piece, High Strength Polymer Construction (Metal Internals)
and is Very Solid, especially the Trigger Assembly - and with that added Beaver-Tail, it feels reaaally good in the hand!

The overall Tactical Styling of the Pistol is very tasteful and there is a Fixed Front Picatinny Rail to allow for Aftermarket Attachments such as Lasers and Torches, further enhancing that Tactical feel (and just like the Real Steel; Each Pistol is given a Unique Serial Number, Laser Etched into the Lower Receiver)

The "Iron Sights" are nicely realised and the Front Sight Post is Highlighted with a White Dot, making Target Acquisition a piece of cake, even in low light

The Magazine is very nice and is of an All Metal Construction. It has a capacity of 20 BB's and is Ejected, just like the Real Steel, by operating the Mag Eject Button, located on the Grip.

The Mag Eject is Spring Assisted and works beautifully.

Co2 is held inside the Pistol Grip - in the Base of the Grip there is a Plug which when removed, reveals a recess into which a 12g Co2 Bulb is placed, being then activated by replacing the Plug and tightening a with an Allen Key (*key included)

It's *much*less fiddly than other Guns!

The Balance Ratio of this Pistol is perfect, making Target Shooting with it an experience second to none and although the Quoted Muzzle Velocity is a (bizarrely precise) "361 Feet Per Second" on a warm day you'll be hitting 380/400fps

- bye bye beer bottles!

The "Power Range" (distance at which the BB travels Maintaining Potential) is over 70 Yards - or - 65m... you *can* shoot quite a bit further than that but there will be little Potential left in the BB at greater distances

Although the Two Mode Trigger Safety is Fully Functioning, The Slide, Slide Release and Beaver-Tail Grip Safety are all molded into the frame, which some see as a downside
- but "Those In The Know" know that in reality, it's actually a Win/Win - as its a "Lump" it means there is *nothing to break* on the Pistol, so it'll last Practically *Forever* - and because it doesn't waste Gas operating the (Fixed) Slide, you get the Maximum amount of Power from Every Shot and The Best Co2 Efficiency Possible!



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Calibre - .177/4.5mm BB Only

Velocity - 110m/s

Power Range - 65+m (70+ Yards)

Magazine Capacity - 20 4.5mm BB's

Overall Weight (w/o Co2) - 1.43lb - 650g

Length - 9.01 inches - 229mm

Safety - Yes. Safe/Fire

Sights - Fixed. White Dot Front Sight

Rails - Yes. Front Picatinny

Serial Number - Yes. Unique



- x1 S.A/Cybergun P1911 Match
[Brand New - Boxed]
- x1 All Metal Magazine
[20bb Capacity]
- x1 Allen Key

***(....and for an Extra £10, we'll even chuck in some 12g Co2 Cartridges and Some BB's to get you started)***



This is arguably The Most Economical Pistol in its Class and with Consistent, High FPS and Industry Leading Build Quality - if you want a Pistol you can shoot reliably for years;
This is it!

A beaut-to-shoot!

...and if this all sounds too good to be true, check the online reviews, we'll see you back here in 10 ;)


{Edit - There's a chance we might get hold of one or two more of these but I can't say when for sure and I expect them to go FAST, so don't dilly dally!}

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions about the Product or about arranging a Bundle or Multi-Item Deal

New Stuff Added Regularly - Check Our Other Ad's!

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*£1.50* - 12g Co2 Bulb - {Deals on Bulk}

*£2.00* - x250 Precision 4.5mm Steel BBs - {High Quality, Precision .177/4.5mm BB's for Air Guns) - Deals on Bulk

*£3* - Pack of x4 30mm Luminous Target Stickers - (Must Go!)
{Self Adhesive target stickers, perfect for 10m Pistol Shooting or 20m Rifles}

*£5* - Pack of x3 Re-usable Luminous Indicator Targets

*£10* - SPEC-OPs Red Dot Laser Sight Kit-
{This Pressure Switch Activated Laser fits *Any Picatinny/Dovetail Rail System and is Fully Adjustable for Both Windage and Elevation.. The *Ideal* Underail Attachment for Tactical Style Pistols - Inc.Batt + Allen Key}

*£15* - Tactical Flashlight {batteries included}

*£10* - Pistol Hard Cases - Plastic
{Protective, Foam Lined, Hard Cases For Safe Storage of your Pistol}

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****All Bundle Offers/Price Deals Considered! - Ask For Details****


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