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REDUCED G&G TR4-18 fully upgraded with BTC Spectre MOSFET bundle (Check description) in Merton



Please note- Message me on regarding this, I strive to have very quick replies. I apologise in advance for the masses of text, but this beautiful rifle warrants it, below is a description and list of parts along with their recommended retail price, as the price I am selling this at is justified.
Below is an extensive list of all the items that are coming with this bundle and how much they cost new, the prices are accurate as I have checked them online. After the list, I have provided a long description of all information that can be thought of regarding the rifle.
G&G Armament GT Advanced TR4-18 418 wired to Deans(specially built by Jez Armstrong at ProAirsoftSupplies)-£340
BTC Spectre MOSFET MK1 for Gen 2 Gearboxes-£120
SHS High Torque Motor-£35
Lonex 16:1 Gears-£37
SP100 Spring-£11
Ultimate Version 2/3 Anti Reversal Latch-£10
Modify Ceramic Bearing(Imported from Evike America)-£25
Guarder Shims-£5
Lonex Air Seal Nozzle-£5
Lonex Cylinder Head-£12
Airlab Sorbothane Pad-£6
Lonex Piston Head POM-£14
Lonex Red Piston-£18
Lonex Bearing Spring Guide-£16
Prometheus Hard Cylinder-£16
ProWin Hop Up Chamber-£20
Firefly Bucking-£15
Prometheus Flat Nub (Hard)-£13
Prometheus Tight Bore Barrel-£45
FMA 35x198mm Noveske Firepig-£20
Mad Bull Noveske NSR-13.5 keymod rail-£130
PTS Ergo magwell grip-£14
Strike Systems 416 retractable stock-£15
PTS quick release & wide trigger guard-£5
Ares Hand Stop Set Type C-£12
G&G Hi Cap x2(one came with the rifle)-£23
ACOG Style Scope with 4x magnification-£32
VP Racing 7.4V 1300mAH lipo wired to Deans-£11
Killflash for scope-£5
Nuprol N Mag-£11
3300 0.25G Razr BBs unopened-£10
One point sling-£6
QD Mount-£3
Carrying bag(the gun will come in this, packaged, large bag with space for many things)- £21
Turnigy Balance Charger-£12
12V DC 2A Power supply-£6
Voltage Checker-£1
Fast Mag Pull-£2
Barrel extender-£8

Total-£1094 not including labour which would easily be hundreds of pounds. Most internal upgrades were done by Fire support.
60% of £1094 = £656.40
I am willing to let this go for £500 excluding shipping and fees, I can post anywhere withing the UK. I am selling as I want someone to use and love the rifle. I can provide proof of purchase for upgrades if wanted.
I originally priced this at £620 but this is a realistic price and I can negotiate a small bit.
I can send more pictures + videos on request. I am very accommodating and have good customer service, also I can two tone if needed.
My number is 07415097073 so message me on there for very quick responses.
The buyer of the item could also message me for any help or advice relating to the rifle after the sale as customer service is important to me.
Apologies for all the text, but I want to ensure all the details are here. Collection from London may be available.

Here is the pride and joy of my wall, the G&G Top Tech TR4-18 with fully working Pneumatic Blowback that adds to the realism of the rifle without wasting battery or parts. This gun was bought from ProAirsoft Supplies, specifically regarding this post . Jez Armstrong from ProAirsoft Supplies built this and added some of the external modifications, including a BD Troy Battle Ax type stock which I did not like so I replaced with the Strike Systems HK stock which looks the part.
Now regarding the performance of the rifle, it shoots well and accurate with 0.25G BBs, which are included, but of course will fly straighter with higher weight BBs at the cost of range. This rifle comes with everything you need to start firing immediately including BBs, battery, charger, scope, and mags. In total there is 2 G&G Hi Cap mags and 1 Nuprol N mag Midcap, which has some tape on the upper in order to ensure a snug fit into the magwell. The rifle also comes with an ACOG style scope, which is 4x magnified and I also have a killflash, which needs to be sellotaped on if you want protection. The ACOG has not been zeroed in as of yet. I bought the upgrades and rifle to make it better for skirmishing in the future, but will not get many chances to go skirmishing, so that is why I want someone more deserving to get this beauty, and for a great price. This gun works 100%.

In total, the rifle cost over £1300 including labour fees, and a detailed list can be found below, in case you were wondering where more info can be found. The rifle comes with a QD sling mount and a one point sling so you can easily carry this, it has not been skirmished and rather kept in storageor my wall as you can see, as it looks amazing on the wall but is a waste.
It also comes with handstops, which are a grip variants, one of which is already on the gun and the other is in packaging as I have no use for it. To attach it, all you need is a Torx Screwdriver. The only blemishes on the entire gun is a little dirt or something on the silencer within the rifle, which is hard to spot anyway and I am sure can be cleaned. I have also bought a silencer adaptor which functions so the suppressor on the gun can be extended to normal length outside the barrel, which, as seen in the pictures, does its job.
I have put a lot of effort into assembling the costsdown below in order for the buyer to know exactly what they are getting and the recommended retail price of it. You may have read bad things online regarding the TR4-18 but the issues are completely alleviated in my rifle, as most of it has been replaced. Any potential magazine well issues have been rectified in this version, the Gen 3, and the faulty stock MOSFET has been replaced. If you need confirmation I am sure Jez Armstrong on Facebook would be more than accomodating, as he has been to me. Have any questions? message me on my number at the bottom and I should reply speedily.
A little tidbit about the BTC Spectre MOSFET is it is one of the most revolutionary in Airsoft, and many guides can be found online, this is the MK1 version without the Bluetooth, and for GEN 2 gearboxes. Has many features such as battery warning, active braking, Precocking, ROF controls, fire selector controls, and more. This allows you to use 11.1V lipo batteries if you want, the gun comes with a 7.4v Lipo and charger regardless. I also have a voltage checker to ensure that the batteries are charged. The FPS of this is up to 350 FPS which is allowed at all UK sites AFAIK as they permit either 350FPS or 328 +- 5% which is 348 or so FPS for Full Auto guns, and of course with the MOSFET you could lock the rifle to semi for DMR use.

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