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Martini Henry I.C.1 Carbine .577-450 in Leeds



Here we have my very nice and very rare Martini Henry I.C.1 (Interchangeable Carbine Mark 1). The rifle is chambered in .577-450 Martini Henry.

This is one of the first I.C.1 rifles to be made, with this one being made in May 1879.

The IC1 rifles were the first Carbine Martini Henry's ever made. At the time the British only had the standard Mark 1, 2 and 3 rifles (like the ones used at Rourke's Drift) and so the government decided that the military needed a Carbine version of the rifle for Artillery, Garrison and Cavalry . So to try and save money on manufacturing costs they came up with a design that could be used for all three different applications. And so the IC1 was born. With this one being for either the Artillery or Garrison since it has a bayonet lug on the front barrel band (Cavalry did not need a bayonet for obvious reasons) and that being the only difference. So if they wanted to issue this rifle to the cavalry, all they had to do was switch out the front barrel band and that is it.

These were made for a couple of years until they decided they really needed different rifles for different units and so these have become quite rare.

This rifle, after becoming obsolete for the British army, was shipped to Nepal, shown by the rawul.pindi arsenal marking on the stock (modern day Rawalpindi in Pakistan).

My rifle is in very good condition. Bluing is still there and the bore is near mint with rifling being deep and as new. Some pitting on barrel but nothing major. Stock has some markings but has no cracks ect. It has a reproduction cleaning rod made by Peter Dyson. I have also replaced the trigger spring and striker and the rifle is fully functional.

Since this rifle is of obsolete calibre it can be bought without a firearms licence. Perfectly able to shoot but if you wished to do so you would need to put it on your firearms licence.

These rifle are rare to find and even more so in such a fine condition. Please study photos carefully, if more are needed I can send some via email.

A real piece of history here, belongs in a museum!

I am asking £850 for the rifle. I might be open to offers

Price includes postage if needed but at buyers own risk.

Very rare and collectible rifle.

Here is a video about these rifles:

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