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Browning M2 machine gun replica with tripod and realistic sound effects and ammunition box in Bourne



This gun was originally made by a specialist manufacturer to be part of an outdoor laser combat game. The client did not proceed with the gun after it had been made and so I bought it. I bought it to go with a WWII Jeep that I was going to buy but I am not buying one now so this gun is no longer required. I am open to offers. Feel free to ask any questions.

The gun is a machined aluminium alloy casting, comprising of about a dozen parts that have been screwed together.

The gun can accept a chain-linked ammo belt in the normal way and the re-cocking
mechanism functions well, with a satisfying clunk on release.

The tripod has been modelled on the real item and is fabricated from steel. The T&E (traverse & elevation) mechanism is something of a compromise, but functions.

Originally, this weapon was fitted out to be part of an infra-red combat games system called "HeadHunter" and has electronics built into the main body and barrel. The ammo-bin contains a small PA, powered by an SLA 12volt rechargeable battery and connects to the gun by cable. In close proximity the volume is adequate and provides a sound that most of us would hear in action films. The gun was originally meant to interface with a target helmet that the operator would wear. Whilst alive, the operator had effectively four boxes of 256 rounds, reload being accomplished by re-cocking. The operator also had four lives, but each time he received a hit, the remaining ammo count would be depleted by a random amount.
Since it was unlikely that any of these functions would be required, I have disabled all but for the sound effects, with unlimited ammunition.

The total weight of the three items is approximately 30kg,

The end of the barrel was counter-bored for a perspex window, that is no longer required, and is 17mm diameter.

The barrel was cut into three sections to aid boring.

The front two sections are permanently joined together but, as a pair, are held to the third (the largest) by a prominent slotted grub-screw. The whole barrel screws into the main body of the weapon. Bare in mind, that should you wish to dis-assemble at any time, you will find the now redundant cable connecting the optics assembly contained in the rear end of the middle section. There is a volume control on the ammo bin, in between the fuse-holder and the DIN socket.

Allen screws recessed on cross bar & top of legs to allow it to fold.

P9 battery to power gun

When the DIN cable is plugged in it activates/connects the battery & powers the speaker and electronics in the ammo case.
DIN plug with bare wires is to charge the ammo battery which is 12V 2ah and so use a low power car battery charger.

To fire
Push 'V' shaped black bar then red button

It is approx. 163cm long and 70cm high (when mounted on the tripod)

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