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YAMAHA FG-335 BK Rough n Ready but great playing condition.."'Ol Busker" in Northampton



Nice guitar, but looks on first presentation were of a mistreated life regarding cosmetics. However, a clean-up for the fretboard and frets and a little lubrication to the Rosedwood fingerboard, a New Nut and set - up with a set of Good Quality strings make this guitar very playable and sounding as a good Yamaha should. I also removed the Ill placed Strap button and hidden the hole with a nice bright Plectrum holder, A liitle tidy up and there you have it...plenty of blemishes, but it now plays and sounds as it should. Theres also been some cheapsketing on the machine heads...mis= match but working. Im classing and selling this on as "An 'Ol Busker"

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