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Line 6 Variax 700 Electric Modelling Guitar in Port Talbot



I've owned the guitar for about 4 years. Its in fantastic condition except for a couple of chips at the back. You don't really notice them from the front. I bought it off a local dealer who told me that another guitar had accidentally come in contact with it and caused the damage. I was dubious myself at the time but I can safely say its worked fine all the time I've owned it so its purely a cosmetic thing. The Line 6 700 with its carved top was their flagship model when it came out and to buy one new back then would have set you back around £1100. As with most guitars manufactured in Japan fit and finish is of a high standard. I don't play guitar very well at all really and its never left my bedroom since I bought it. If your after one of these you wont go far wrong. If you are interested you should be aware that I'm looking to sell it to someone local. I don't like the idea of posting it. All the cables are included and it comes with a well padded soft case.

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