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Saab 9-5, 2002 (02) Silver Estate, 7mths MOT Automatic Petrol, 172,384 miles in Haywards Heath

2002 (02)


TURBO - INJECTION - breathtakingly fast when you want, a pussy around town.

NOTE - Range Rover Evoque forces sale.
NOTE - 1000 miles since last MOT.
Looking for a true Saab enthusiast to keep this excellent Silver estate car
going. Has been substantially re-built at quite high cost on my own lift at home
I do not want it broken up for parts. If you want a cheapie please walk on and buy a cheapie.

Excellent as a station car and for weekend use, or daily. Very fast but also sweet around town
Wife wanted an Evoque so got an Evoque on HP so this car has to go, we have no more space and I have three Land Rovers and a new Evoque.
We have had it for nearly 5 years and it has been fantastic whether going down to
Bath to see kids or for taking cardboard to the recycling centre. Never broken down with regular oil changes every three months, - last main service 2016, it does not do many miles a year as we have other cars.
Car has done 1000 miles since last MOT ( May 2017 ) this is just to keep everything nice and running
and not going rusty etc.

Registration CE02 MPV please do your checks etc with HPI before telephoning or wasting my time.
Low and sleek,
it is solid on the motorway and sits at 80 beautifully, with loads to spare. Average mpg at 70 = 37 MPG
Have never gone over 90 mph in it as I don't fancy losing my licence.
It was not in hugely good shape when
we got it, and much has been done to keep it looking good, including a new front OSF wishbone and stabiliser link for this MOT and new rear stabiliser links in 2013

Other work done ( at my own workshop as I am an engineer with own 4 post lift ) you can see when you purchase.
Wheels refurbished and resprayed
New coil pack - to stop misfire code in 2014
New engine mounts
Owner's manual (photo)
New front brakes and discs in 2015
Rear brakes refurbished and painted yearly
New exhaust
New engine mounts
Rocker cover removed and
oil in galleries sucked out, only 5w30 oil used as advised by Saab.
New rocker cover gasket
New vaccuum piping
Rust proofed
Gearbox oil changed in 2015
every 2 years/inspected
New ball joints both sides
New FEAD belt for ancillaries
Last main service 2016
with two oil changes since then - this is the best way to keep a turbo
New rear cluster for lights
Gearbox drained and new ATF 2015
New front indicator NSF
Emissions excellent
1.005 lambda May 2017
No oil burning
( 1 ppm HC)
Low CO 0.001
Engine in excellent shape, a bit noisy
on either the alternator, or Air con,
inspite of a new FEAD belt
to see if it was the idler.
When belt removed, there is no noise, but it has been like this for 3 years and
it has been down to
France twice and back
in 2016
No missing pixels on SID
two keys ( which both work ) one battery cover slightly damaged by previous owner(s)
who did not look up on youtube or read the manual on how to open the key.

Interior reasonably A2
no splits in leather
Excellent radio /CD
Car stays in England.
No Nigerians offering to pay more.
I am named on V5C.
Inspection invited,
car will be given another oil
change and filter
in front of you when you come and take it away.
I do not want this car broken for parts, so it price is high to stop this, commensurate with huge amounts
of time and some money spent on it, as I did not plan on the wife getting an Evoque.
35-38 mpg on long run , on BP fuel - around 23-25
around town.
Dents from previous owners have been filled and
car comes with remainder spray paint in a pot.
Bonnet has stone chips,
could do with a respray, normal stone chips -
so you have the paint.
I do not drive this car flat out everywhere,
but when joining a motorway it is great to put your foot down
and get up to speed.
No time wasters, only those interested in owning a good Saab. Parts are easy
to get inspite of Saab going out of business,
but the wishbone alone was £200

Method of purchase.

If interested, please make contact to come and view car.
Go out with me in car and also have a drive.
If you want to buy the car, arrange a 10% bank payment to my bank afterwards.

Upon 10% payment, car is then reserved for you.
Please pay remainder funds by BACS/homebanking etc prior to pickup.
Pickup day:-
Car will be given another oil and filter change infront of you, so you can see it has been done.
Paperwork ( Bill of Sale ) will be filled out. Please being UK ID eg passport/driving licence with photo.
You are responsible for Insuring car.

No cash please ( due to risk of forged notes)

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