Auto replica Morgan Runabout 1909 in Wales Bar


Morgan Runabout 1909 (Replica).
Working copy

Hurry up and get Morgan for 6900 euros
We regret to inform you that we have to raise our prices for future models because of business reasons. However, you still have a chance to get the last replica of Morgan 1909 at the old price of 6900 euros (without delivery). So hurry up before it's not too late! The delivery from Ukraine (only in Europe) will cost you from 700 to 1,500 euros, but we will need to discuss this individually in each particular case. Customs fees are possible as well.
According to official documents we sell it as not functioning model - exhibition layout Morgan Runabout 1909. (replica).
As a matter of fact, it is completely functioning copy.
Engine*- Moulage of an internal combustion engine
Electric motor 1 kW 48 volts
Clutch- Automatic
Chains- 428 pitch 12.7 mm
Body-Frame construction with metal facing b = 1mm.
Transmission-Chain Transmission
Front suspension-independent suspension with king journal, spring type
Front suspension-pendular, sprung
Weight-165 kg
Brakes-Hydraulic brakes on all three wheels
Handling type-Lever steering
Wheels-Steel wheels, size 26 x 3 "
Tires-bicycle tires 26 x 3" with inner tube


Width-1250 mm
Length- 2680 mm
Height-990 mm
Base-1870 mm
Track-1045 mm

Speed-Up to 25 km / h

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