honda hornet smog block of plates 2002 to 2008 in Bewdley


2002-2008 HONDA HORNET CB900F AIS SMOG BLOCK OFF PLATES Modern motorcycle emission systems incorporate a crankcase air re-circulation system. This is detrimental to performance when installing an aftermarket exhaust system coupled with aftermarket fuel mapping systems. Most aftermarket exhaust systems achieve a higher flow rate. When mixed with the additional air injected by the emissions system, a backfire or popping condition results. Our block off plates are designed to stop the backfiring and popping while increasing performance. On machines equipped with auto-tuning aftermarket fuel systems or during dyno tuning, it is nearly impossible for the system to compensate for the extra air injected by the stock system resulting in an incorrect tune. Our precision designed and CNC machined block off plates will work in conjunction with your aftermarket exhaust and fuel management systems to correctly tune your machine. This high quality PMC product is Made IN America and GUARANTEED as long as you own your machine!

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May 2010
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