Formula Power 10mm Race Performance Ignition leads in Ealing


Sole manufacturers of the largest range of 10mm RACE Performance ignition leads. Bespoke sets a speciality. Made in England and sold worldwide. We can also make sets for old Mercedes and other makes.
Prices vary, depending on car, but approx £60 to £70 Cable core comes from USA and is top quality.
Dispatch within 3 working days. All sets made by hand to order. Cable colours Blue, Red or Black.
Extract from" AM QUARTELY" The Aston Martin club magazine.

The Ultimate cable for spark efficiency for the Aston range,

Formula Power, is specially designed for racing and extreme conditions, operating from

-60 to 400 degrees and capable of carrying up to 90,000 Volts.

A typical energy drop is an amazing 1-2% compared to standard cable of 15-18%.
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