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Porsche 930 Gearbox/ Porsche 930 transaxle in Edinburgh



Gearing info: Ring and Pinion 9/38, 4.22

first 16/36

2nd 17/25

3rd 26/26

4th 31/22

Geared for 162mph, with 25 in dia. tires. at 6500 rpm.

I have for sale Fresh Porsche 930 transaxle, early short bellhousing 4-speed, with relocated ring gear for mid-engine function. Includes ZF limited slip diff., case plumbed for oil cooler pump, re-geared for closer than stock ratios. It also features a one-off fabricated mechanical shifter set up, that allows positive, tight shifting with a direct shift rod, and also shortens the box 4 in. Total gearbox length is 27 1/2 in. Designed as an ultimate Porsche 914 box, it can handel 700 HP, and 700 Ft. Lbs. and will work with GT-40, Ultima, etc. big power mid-engine cars.

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