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The bold and powerful RS SL01 electric unicycle is the perfect definition of authority. Its glossy appearance is pure beauty and won't go unnoticed. When you ride on this supreme vehicle, you will feel comfortable and powerful. This unicycle is charged by the 132WH lithium battery, known for its longevity so that you ride carefree for hours. When charged with a custom international charger of 1.5A current capacity, plugged into an AC source, which is readily available at the electrical sources at your home, the unicycle charges at the lightning speed of an hour. Even your mobile phone takes more time than this model of hoverboard to charge making it economical in the long run. Once charged, this electric unicycle can last for 18km(11 miles).

When the road is clear and the traffic conditions are normal, you can run this unicycle at the speed of 18kmph(11 mph) depending upon the road conditions. You can even carry groceries as your hoverboard can withstand a weight of 120kg without causing any mechanical problems.

At the reasonable price, you can ship this hoverboard to your friend or loved one at very minimal shipping charges due to its easy portability. It comes with a gross weight of 13kg and a net weight of 11kg, making it easy to transport. When you pack this hoverboard, it will be only 57*29*45cm. Purchase this now to get and w promise you will love it.
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