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E73 Cheap Electric Scooter with pedals/ in Hackney



The E73 electric scooter is in a league of its own with a robust 250W brushless, high efficiency rear hub motor. It can achieve a max speed between 25 kms/h(15.50mph), and can carry up to 130 kgs onboard, making it an ideal choice for daily errands. It does not require a license, insurance or registration and comes with inbuilt pedals.

This electric scooter is equipped with a 48V/20Ah lead acid battery, which when fully charged in roughly 4 - 8 hours can run for approximately 40 to 50 kms(24-31 miles) before the next charge. Recharging the battery can be done by plugging it into an AC240V/50-60Hz voltage power slot.

Features of the E73 Electric Scooter

25 kms/h(15.50mph) 5mph max speed
250w motor does not require license / insurance / registration
Can carry up to 130 kgs
Comes with 48V/20Ah lead acid battery
Battery takes 4 - 8 hours to charge
Can run for 40 - 50 kms(24-31 miles) on single charge
Fitted with 2 - 16 x 2.5 tires
Drum brakes at the front and rear
Dual front, fork shock absorbers
Can climb up to 20 degrees
LCD display, pedals and stand
The E73 electric scooter rides on class leading 2 - 16 x 2.5 tires, and comes with two drum brakes for the front and rear for top notch safety. Adding to this, it can climb up to 20 degrees uphill without any hiccups, and is fitted with dual front fork shock absorbers for a smooth ride.

Weighing in at just 75 kgs, this electric scooter is rather lightweight, making it easy to ride for both novice and seasoned riders. The E73 electric scooter features an LCD display that renders important information such as battery power and speed, pedals to ride it when the motor is off, and a sturdy stand to set it when parked.
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