Electric One Of A Kind Scooter Special Edition in Reading


Electric Scooter Modified/Chipped!

This scooter is around 4 months old but in like new condition, it has had aftermarket front and rear sports suspension added for a much comfier ride! Also the scooter has a custom deck/board that is wider than the original making it easier to use. Charger included.

* Bright front xenon type light/rear light.
* Cruise control.
* Bright fully functioning control panel.
* Responsive brake.
* Child support/shopping support handle.

The scooter itself cost £300 when new, the parts including the suspension and custom deck/board cost £230. Extras included will be a spare tyre (over £30) and spare battery.

Lastly the scooter has been chipped so instead of the 15mph top speed it now goes up to 20mph depending on the riders weight. It's super fun to ride and will be missed.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.